New School of Thought – Special Children – Part One

By Stephan Pisko

Mainstream academia inhibits intellectual growth ,but promotes intellectual competition a forced level of intelligence rather than a natural occurring ‘self knowledge’ attracted to you via a non-physical awareness that the ‘you’ was unaware of ‘competition is an intellectual firewall’ stifling self knowledge as the ‘self’ competes with nothing it only challenges.

Mind generates a capacity for explosion a dynamic power purpose this is in no way a ‘grounds for genius’ as socialites’ suggest mind does not relate well with meaningful (or) useful it must be disciplined in order for this fertility to fervor. You cannot develop the raw materials of talent because it develops on it’s own exceptional accomplishment only denotes parental overachieving peer pressure competition intellectual intellect is not born through mainstream education the ‘school of scraps’ learn what you can with the ‘pathetic pieces’ you have to work with this education does not belong to you! Self-knowledge will attract itself when the intellect is fully fertile not before all the overachieving and competition in the world will only lead to individuals’ of today that most consider ‘exceptional accomplishment’ because they are the CEO’s of these ‘media mangled mortuaries’ most look up to as being so called successful as soon as you place these ‘special children’ in a ‘center for talented youth’ this is what happens. As soon as you ‘place pressure in the picture’ knowledge flees self-knowledge has nothing to do with the monetary.

Why is it the mind always tries to find a way to create ‘thermally explosive ideas’ rather than ‘intellectually imploding ideas ?’ The mind is always tracking either a ‘power pack’ and/or a ‘greed gob’. We need to nurture ‘young minds’ to benefit human kind and not ‘cripple (or) destroy’ it like social society reciprocates. Society stats are meaningless and above all else cannot ever identify intellect! This is totally absurd if the brain’s pathway is cleared for takeoff nothing can stop conscious thought from vacuuming the unknown this is where absolute knowledge resides the otherworldly the brain is it’s medium and it is this intersecting point that a child of (3) or an adult of (75) can ‘just know’ no pressure – no school of scraps – no overachieving – no center for talented youth – no special children – it is allowed to happen with no parental force – no competition!

It is a ‘new school of thought’ untainted by conditioned mainstream academia that serves no useful meaningful purpose other than ‘successful slander’ just ‘BE’ the need to ‘JUST BE’ not conditionally shaped into society’s form or content the conscious awareness of ‘unbiased thought’.