Special Children Third Edition

By Stephan Pisko

Parental peer pressured “special children” forced into an overachieving educational overview usually are “custom designed” company executive CEO’s in the manipulated making they even “all” speak in similar fashion proof positive their “all” cut from the identical “phonetically fractured fabric” and reconstituted competition. Obsessive compulsive routine rituals’ cement a forced level of intelligence which reflects many “intellectual impressions” the outward idea of knowledge which inhabits these so called: “special children” it is not derived from an inward self realizing knowledge this “intellect idea” was gathered via the exterior nature of narcissism a grandiose expression of pretention which the monetary set in place instigated by parental pressurized psychology the need to be obsessively dedicated in creating a desired objective regardless of who (or) what it harms for self power purposes’.

Human beings’ are not “self made” within this time and environment it’s a much different “lucked into” deception that this “success” word commands just because an individual possesses a “mountain of monetary” by no means does this suggest success this accumulation has been gathered in a “potpourri of deceiving delights” as mass population are slowly finding out about their “marvelous mentors” they all look up to ranging from: identity theft (a major profit proprietor) today just to mention one there are countless others’ as you should be aware that undeniably “deceive the damnation” out of numbered mass population. These “marvelous mentors” are all the “special children” of 2019 ! You know them not personally thankfully, but they are the: Zuckerberg – Bezos – Gates – Musk – Branson ….. There are more that are being groomed I’m sure within this totally “setup society sickness” be positively aware this is the key it’s all “in the awareness” the knowing “what actually is” not what these corrupt clones’ are preaching “what actually is not”. But bottom line too …. All of these corrupt clones’ do exactly what their told to do to get their “products” into the mass marketplace in the first place,  so you must be a little publicly frustrated in addition to being abnormally “out of the ordinary public”.

These “special children” are reciprocating themselves’ around and around like a wheel while mass population duplicates their reciprocation this “special children mindset” will most likely become immortal sad to say for the generations’ ahead that will encounter challenges’ due to these set attitudes’.