Special Children Third Edition

By Stephan Pisko Parental peer pressured “special children” forced into an overachieving educational overview usually are “custom designed” company executive CEO’s in the manipulated making they even “all” speak in similar fashion proof positive their “all” cut from the identical “phonetically fractured fabric” and reconstituted competition. Obsessive compulsive routine rituals’ cement a forced level of intelligence which reflects many “intellectual impressions” the outward idea of … Continue reading Special Children Third Edition

Corrupting Change

By  Stephan Pisko Change is corrupting within this time and environment if something changes you can be 98.9% sure that it will be corrupting in some controlling corrupt case/s. Apps’ are “holographic hollowness” they were never really there their existence was overlapped transparent invisibility high priced meaningless material that are marketable muses’. We psychologically cannot tech without “candy bars for gadgets” the faster the change … Continue reading Corrupting Change

Whirlwind Web – Where In The Hell Am I Going With My Career

By Stephan Pisko Am I indeed going somewhere besides a piggybacked procrastination of webbed circles too much on my plates’ – too much exploded time going up in my aging smoke its a new year and I’m almost (40) years old (2) jobs with high-priority company project profile deadlines’ – “What in the Hell Am I Doing?”. My days seem like a ‘hellish tornado’ I … Continue reading Whirlwind Web – Where In The Hell Am I Going With My Career