Whirlwind Web – Where In The Hell Am I Going With My Career

By Stephan Pisko

Am I indeed going somewhere besides a piggybacked procrastination of webbed circles too much on my plates’ – too much exploded time going up in my aging smoke its a new year and I’m almost (40) years old (2) jobs with high-priority company project profile deadlines’ – “What in the Hell Am I Doing?”.

My days seem like a ‘hellish tornado’ I can’t stop whirling around meeting clients’ loosing sleep saying to myself -“All is well !” with a terrible smile – “Can anybody really see what I am doing ?” please tell me to reinforce my insecure ego bolster my high anxiety levels that prozac just can’t adjust – “I’m doing really well spinning around in a ‘whirlwind web’.

Does this sound like you?

Well trust me you are not alone this is a ‘success disease’ running rampant within the 70’s boomers’ the selfies’ are the lucky ones’ their only ‘me driven’- I’ve got company backseat drivers’ – I’ve got this ‘numerical age neurosis’ fear of my age number – too much personal pride to ask the only friend I actually have my other friends’ have left me for understandable reasons of not understanding – “What In The Hell I Was Doing !”

Can you see where conditioned thought is taking you?

Can you see what is happening to your ‘freaky fragmented’ mind ?

Your physical body is falling apart because your spending 70%-90% on your exploding company time and leaving possibly the remaining 15%-20% on personal survival which includes sleep by the way not to mention the all important nourishment called: food. Your doing all of this to spend less time actually doing this work you say you really enjoy so that you won’t have to spend longer hours’ doing this work you say you enjoy doing?

You are another ‘victim of a fool’s paradise’ heading straight to ‘isolated loneliness’ where no one cares not even four walls I see so many intelligent human beings’ drifting into a ‘barren space of non-thinking’ so much ‘doing accompanied hand-in-hand with no direction’ I know not where I am going, but I’m sure getting there with light speed.

Those who do – do not know – those that do not do – know.