Corrupting Change

By  Stephan Pisko

Change is corrupting within this time and environment if something changes you can be 98.9% sure that it will be corrupting in some controlling corrupt case/s. Apps’ are “holographic hollowness” they were never really there their existence was overlapped transparent invisibility high priced meaningless material that are marketable muses’. We psychologically cannot tech without “candy bars for gadgets” the faster the change the more eternally empty the changeable concept the more connected we are webbed interfaced the more of a “clumped controlled connection/s”.

Within a billion plus world of reproductive robots’ mimicking mania plus programmed highly for a “success substantial” brain biopsy it’s very psychologically primal for these trigger buzzwords’ that ignite inceptive connecting we do not connect because “we want to” through “our own unique ideas” but rather we connect because we are “controlled to connect” with ideas’ configured to be “our ideas”.

Human survival is being able to see beyond this “real illusion” not to just draw conclusions’ from academic stats’ everything you see is “psychologically bent” disfigured to “tell a lie’ giving a false impression of “what is” (truth) is a non-survivalist it’s subdued like mass population a “churning cesspool” of waste and sewage then shaped into “meaningless ideals” that look and sound positive when they are really a negative core connections’ create corruption it is a corruptive lifeline all inter-sourced corruption feeds into social media branching out and spread subliminally to impregnate.

Mass population are a huge infested controlled clump of saliva dripping bell ringing buzzword singing animals’ ready to pounce on the churning cesspool on command.