Corrupting Change

By  Stephan Pisko Change is corrupting within this time and environment if something changes you can be 98.9% sure that it will be corrupting in some controlling corrupt case/s. Apps’ are “holographic hollowness” they were never really there their existence was overlapped transparent invisibility high priced meaningless material that are marketable muses’. We psychologically cannot tech without “candy bars for gadgets” the faster the change … Continue reading Corrupting Change

The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

By Stephan Pisko The cloud is another excuse for more space to place the meaningless basically our society is (or) is becoming ‘intangible’ missing passwords keys to sites that will never open “But I was in that cyber room of data information before !” impossible without the password sorry. The cloud is a legal intellectual nightmare a holding ground of lawsuits’ and is another ingenious … Continue reading The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

Pleasurable Self Survival

By Stephan Pisko Within today’s positively sedentary society human beings’ have psychologically evolved to the point of ‘pleasurable self survival’ we do not ‘eat to survive’ nor do we ‘work to survive’ but there must be a rewarding element of pleasure to it or we become disenchanted with the whole idea we have become ‘pleasure peasants’ baited with ‘pleasure rewards’ to make up for our … Continue reading Pleasurable Self Survival

Two Primal Constants – There Is Nothing But This

By Stephan Pisko The psychological state of you’re mind and the changing confrontational state of another mind’s psychology these are the two primal constants within this physical existence there is nothing but this here. These two elements have built civilizations’ – destroyed civilizations’ – creates wars’ – creates temporary happiness- creates permanent hatred – these are the components of human behavior. We learn not long … Continue reading Two Primal Constants – There Is Nothing But This