Two Primal Constants – There Is Nothing But This

By Stephan Pisko

The psychological state of you’re mind and the changing confrontational state of another mind’s psychology these are the two primal constants within this physical existence there is nothing but this here. These two elements have built civilizations’ – destroyed civilizations’ – creates wars’ – creates temporary happiness- creates permanent hatred – these are the components of human behavior.

We learn not long after the embryo emerges how it finds a way to confront the ‘mother’s mind’ the mother does possess a ‘love for the child’ but the child only wants to truthfully survive and uses that ‘love’ psychologically within a ‘dependency factor’ to confrontationally control the mother. The ‘early embryo’ identifies that it must go ‘beyond love’ in order to enter any dominant domain threshold possessing a ‘cell of control’ even though the embryo is limited physically it confronts the mother’s love psychologically via mental muses. Within dependency lies confrontation being dependent also means challenge but being helpless doesn’t mean the embryo cannot confront (or) challenge it’s instinctual that the mother looks upon the embryo as helpless and dependent it knows it cannot truthfully survive another physical way so the embryo chooses psychological suffering over physical suffering the mother nurtures the embryo by feeding it and keeping it warm.

Embryonic minds’ must learn faster within this current time and environment ‘speed is survival’ but not ‘speed for speed’s sake’ a psychological phenomenology that is indeed a ‘subliminal speed’ akin to the ‘speed of light’ but with a limited durational delay for maximum processing. This is the ‘age of psychological phenomenon’ with it’s recurrent effects’ of ‘subliminal suffering’ identifying this we ‘pinpoint population pain’ as being virtually unseen but horrendously slashing physical torture renders itself mundanely weak over this masterful manipulator.


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