Pleasurable Self Survival

By Stephan Pisko

Within today’s positively sedentary society human beings’ have psychologically evolved to the point of ‘pleasurable self survival’ we do not ‘eat to survive’ nor do we ‘work to survive’ but there must be a rewarding element of pleasure to it or we become disenchanted with the whole idea we have become ‘pleasure peasants’ baited with ‘pleasure rewards’ to make up for our ‘controlled lack of monetary status’.

This current time and environment has many levels’ of ‘pleasurable self survival’, but we are all still human beings’ facing similar challenges and problems but these challenges and problems have just been made more identifiable within the last (20-25) years. I would estimate in 96.2% cases this ‘pleasurable state’ we are being offered here in this existence does not go ‘beyond this physical state’ so we still remain bewildered on what lies beyond this physical plane and this has been cleverly created for us by the elitist for a reason with an invisible neon sign saying: ” thinking intellectuals’ absolutely forbidden !” in a planet land of ‘monetary commercial madness’ and ‘pleasurable self survival’.

New-age thinking requires us to be aware and see the complete picture with our ‘rose colored glasses’ off think of ‘countries as cells’ some more than others’ but cells never the less within this ‘planet prison’ as a whole. You are given a ‘number’ a social security card (or) social insurance card whatever a system identity but still a ‘number’ that is ‘you’ then you are given a ‘passport’ to be able to leave you’re ‘country cell’ at will but if you do not return to you’re ‘country cell’ within a certain designated time frame ‘they will come looking for you’ keeping in mind this is so called ‘democracy’. It’s all very simple but this cleverly devised ‘system structure’ is the most frail in all of human history it could all fall to pieces like a ‘house of cards’ in a ‘human heart beat’.

In some very ‘morbidly strange’ way this ‘medieval monetary madness’ with ‘physical cosmetic overtones’ works for this culture comprised of ‘wandering minds’ of free space’ I mean probably over half of this (7.6) billion global population still feels that there is nothing passed this existence anyways. I am still in awe how over (7.6) billion human beings’ can be ‘passively controlled’ one thing about the ‘human mind’ it gets so ‘used to routine’ quickly thrives on it actually we are truly ‘duped with a medieval sword’ they have – you’re money – you’re health – now they want ‘you’re mind’ Sir !

Within a world so filled with ‘pleasurable states’ why are so many ‘fighting frustrations ?’

Just look at anyone’s face really look you will find this question:

“Do I really like it here ?”

Birth gets us in this mess and death releases us from it there requires a whole new way of thinking for human beings’ for the ‘survival of human mind’ as a uniquely thinking entity.


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