Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

By Stephan Pisko Mars is billions’ of years of past history human beings’ “magnet to this historical mystique” why does mind cling to a bygone timeframe? Even before a durational measurement was within cognizant awareness scope humans’ wish to go back in the evolutionary lineage to the “primordial past” and then what trace the circle all over again? The species’ wants to find life on … Continue reading Mars – Past Placebo Space Practice

Truth or Falsity

By Stephan Pisko Mind cannot grasp ‘dead end truths’ that is a point of defining depths that fraction falsity a far more intriguing space that mind is familiar with over the decades and centuries of human history. When we say ‘mind’ we identify a ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ which spins it’s ‘defining truths’ like a wheel mind participates in this revolving rotisserie blending an equal amount … Continue reading Truth or Falsity

Sophisticated Slavery

Stephan Pisko, The human mind is a ‘chronic constant’ within everything we are affected by near (or) far I mean you can go into the highest levels of economic business and find that within corporations’ and governments alike the degree of ‘sophisticated slavery is unparalleled and this is all a direct result of the ‘techie age’ we currently reside within and through. Stats, wealth, numbers, … Continue reading Sophisticated Slavery

Losing Their Inner World

  By  Stephan Pisko Human beings’ are losing their “inner world ionosphere” to an “outer oxidation” via an electronic transfer of intellect a “redox reaction” oxidizing reducing agents’ subliminally working side by side achieving electron equivalency. Our quantum inner world where electrons’ are strange in exactly the same way but identical to every other electron same mass same energy charge. Continue reading Losing Their Inner World

Photography Reflects Social Issues of the Times – Transgendered Population

By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ encompass the ‘largest portion of visuality’ the society these creatures’ create has the capacity to influence and change lives’ positively, but on the other side has the volume for depression – suffering and cruelty this must be illuminated meaningfully and honestly through this ‘transparent momentary slice of duration’ displaying an ‘awareness factor’ making human beings’ mindful of it’s actions. Human beings’ are quick to ‘lash … Continue reading Photography Reflects Social Issues of the Times – Transgendered Population

Pleasurable Self Survival

By Stephan Pisko Within today’s positively sedentary society human beings’ have psychologically evolved to the point of ‘pleasurable self survival’ we do not ‘eat to survive’ nor do we ‘work to survive’ but there must be a rewarding element of pleasure to it or we become disenchanted with the whole idea we have become ‘pleasure peasants’ baited with ‘pleasure rewards’ to make up for our … Continue reading Pleasurable Self Survival