Photography Reflects Social Issues of the Times – Transgendered Population

By Stephan Pisko

Human beings’ encompass the ‘largest portion of visuality’ the society these creatures’ create has the capacity to influence and change lives’ positively, but on the other side has the volume for depression – suffering and cruelty this must be illuminated meaningfully and honestly through this ‘transparent momentary slice of duration’ displaying an ‘awareness factor’ making human beings’ mindful of it’s actions. Human beings’ are quick to ‘lash out’ either verbally (or) physically when we witness a ‘varying difference within our own species’ without regard for human hurt one example is prejudice (or) an ignorant state of mind. There is a growing social issue today that is gaining worldwide momentum and concern this is the ‘transgendered population of the planet’ human beings’ who are ‘trapped in the middle of sexuality’ and not ‘on the sides’ of who they are trying desperately to understand and come to grips with these great unexplainable feelings that make them think much differently than heterosexual beings’ in the majority of earth’s populated power. Transgender is: ‘between sexuality’ not ‘between a sexuality’.