Sophisticated Slavery

Stephan Pisko,

The human mind is a ‘chronic constant’ within everything we are affected by near (or) far I mean you can go into the highest levels of economic business and find that within corporations’ and governments alike the degree of ‘sophisticated slavery is unparalleled and this is all a direct result of the ‘techie age’ we currently reside within and through. Stats, wealth, numbers, names, etc it all comes down to greed – power – control – manipulation – nothing absolutely nothing that is new and/or useful to the human condition just a ‘one way street’ serving the governments – rich elitists’ – corporations that ‘control the corruption’ that feeds this physical existence. Male (conquering corruption) and female (concise consumerism) turns this planet, males of this species do not shop as much, but females do a lot of it, commercial advertising feeds the female mind and the creation of conquering corruption feeds the male mind.

It doesn’t matter what you say (or) do – wealth – education – social – economic whatever it all comes down to the human mind either manipulating (or) controlling it for physical greed – wants – desires – envy – games – etc. etc. The human mind is the ‘root cause’ that effects everything in this physical place plain and simple, but why are very supposedly clever civilizations for the past few thousands of years just not getting it ? Some have come close to understanding the obvious, but then veered off course again to the about (5) issues that touches – controls – manipulates every human being on this planet created by the human mind. The mind left undisciplined is very lethargic this is, but one recognized weakness that enslaves today’s human condition just look at ‘social media’ for instance, but yet this is just a ‘tea party’ when compared to other more psychologically penetrating influences’ that directly dings an indelible subliminal mental mark on our very conditioned analytical organ. The last great frontier is ‘space’, but not ‘space’ as in planetary, but in ‘mentally’ mental space : “the mind”.

It seems to me by now we as human beings have learned something so why aren’t these ‘learnings’ reflected within our society’s structure? Because we have basically learned how to ‘subdue human condition’ not ‘befit human condition’ this is a huge natural truth that is left on the ‘inner unseen’ not superimposed for a mass communications shower. Human beings are connecting ‘less’ about ‘more’ enslaving conceptual theories’ number one: $$$$ human communication about the plainly evident visual and non-visual socially psychological errors within this current civilization is ultimately rare and not encouraged outwardly. Human beings are much more concerned about a small dent or scrape left on their vehicle’s transportation by some unknown human predator than discussing why the human mind is being ‘controlled & taken over’ by the elitist – corporations – governments. The mind associates well with the monetary it doesn’t know anything else, but ‘cool isolated loneliness’ and that is actually one of the perks of our vehicle’s transport mode the ‘air conditioning system’ where (2) words figure prominently ‘conditioning & system’ just these two words alone explain why cultures’ – societies’ – civilizations’ that have ever graced this ‘ball of fun’ have never learned anything.

The human mind is working ‘less with the current time and environment’ and more with the ‘tech regurgitations that is controlling mind. The human mind will be a ‘thing of the past’ it will be ‘one source’ that will dominate over ‘many minds’ you can see this happening during the last (8-10) years already but the ‘one source’ will possess the similar attributes as per a human mind as in the manipulation factor for one. There will be minimal (or) no social interaction it will all be ‘chip-to-chip’ via a ‘manufactured mind’ or a few ‘mm minds’ the human condition will become an ‘instinct serving one source’ and this will benefit immigrants’ living within industrialized nations’ there will be no need for learning new language skills because these humans function well as ‘routine ritual robots I guess it’s better than starving in their ‘3rd world countries created by – corporations – governments – elitists .

Human beings are being ‘rushed out of this existence’ on purpose to delete some of the overpowering under-controlling 7.8 billion mass.