Truth or Falsity

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By Stephan Pisko

Mind cannot grasp ‘dead end truths’ that is a point of defining depths that fraction falsity a far more intriguing space that mind is familiar with over the decades and centuries of human history. When we say ‘mind’ we identify a ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ which spins it’s ‘defining truths’ like a wheel mind participates in this revolving rotisserie blending an equal amount of ‘intriguing falsity’ to the mental mix concocting a ‘spacial control’ of untruths with an equation result that effects and affects this ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ that all minds’ feed into from this original spin doctor. This is not consciousness (or) the here and now it is a ‘virtual algorithm’.

Truth is a ‘static falsity’ possessing movement a controlled mind movement truth is an acceptable level of computational belief which places a variance in the background as with falsity the variance (or) extreme variables’ are placed at the forefront. Any cognitive state reflects a flair of uncertainty for it is mind which stamps an individual validation on a ‘truth variance’ (or) a ‘falsity extreme variance’. We are not virtually certain of what we are witnessing even through it’s equation substance mirrors algorithm tendencies. There is a numerical order to the universe but whether (or) not it can be applied to this physical existence as a computational truth remains questionable however it may be a non-physical truth which is non-useful here in this existence. No one ever ‘unlocks numerical order’ no matter what mathematical system is applied this is unexplainable.

Truth is defining something so accurately mind finds it difficult to believe but falsity charms the mind with an artificial personality giving it an ‘intrigued insight’ regardless of it’s containing uncertain variables’ that pose doubt. There is a new cognitive language of true (or) false which every human being is in constant thought of (90%) of the time – Shall I believe it (or) not believe it ? This is a large psychological quandary.