Truth or Falsity

By Stephan Pisko Mind cannot grasp ‘dead end truths’ that is a point of defining depths that fraction falsity a far more intriguing space that mind is familiar with over the decades and centuries of human history. When we say ‘mind’ we identify a ‘conditioned mainstream thought’ which spins it’s ‘defining truths’ like a wheel mind participates in this revolving rotisserie blending an equal amount … Continue reading Truth or Falsity

The Faith of The Humble Mustard Seed

Jannie Vaught Seeds for this gardener have very personal meanings. As a seed grower and a seed saver, I am constantly looking close at many varieties of seeds. And I have a great fondness for seeds that are very tiny. It seems that these tiny bundles of potential hold a big productive plant, producing large tubers or leaves. As a small child, I was given … Continue reading The Faith of The Humble Mustard Seed