The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

By Stephan Pisko

The cloud is another excuse for more space to place the meaningless basically our society is (or) is becoming ‘intangible’ missing passwords keys to sites that will never open “But I was in that cyber room of data information before !” impossible without the password sorry. The cloud is a legal intellectual nightmare a holding ground of lawsuits’ and is another ingenious way of controlling the masses by ‘securing their identity’. Corporations’ will stranglehold the masses until they have no choice but then there is/was no choice over intangibility ‘digital ninjas’. There are human beings’ running around who ‘think they know who they are’ but indeed their identity has fled long ago it’s in the heavens that don’t exist and the law that doesn’t/never did exist either. Corporations’ gave it a clever diabolical name ‘the cloud’ human beings’ feel safer knowing this name because of the conditioned comfortable reference to a ‘space above us’ when you say: “Look at the clouds !” that’s not very psychologically intimidating it’s quite relaxing actually and that’s where they ‘touch you’re heart’ once again with all of this ‘marketed muzzle’ firmly in place on you’re face ….. Follow us no need to bite …. The cloud concept is a devil-like idea in the corporation adage “We can put more identity memory in there than human beings” but really what are human beings’ besides flesh and bones ? They are ‘identity + memory’ akin to ‘stealing you’re soul’ but the elitist (or) corporations’ don’t care about religion their prime concern is ‘power control with greed at the helm’ so they dissolve the physical element into an intangibility where hardly any space is required and you are a ‘walking shell humanoid’ thinking you have identity …. Marvelous!

The cloud + cloud computing will be used directly and indirectly for corruption within political, corporation and social arenas. The ‘computer concept’ alone without this ‘extended exile of dummy information’ that feeds the corruptive underworld with yet another cleverly devised smoke screen is deviously corrupt anyone who has money can buy a computer which means younger hacker children who are merely (14) years of age own internet companies’. It is all interconnected that could be used for meaningful purposes but could also be applied to deceptive delights that are relatively intangible (or) just plain old fashioned invisible where no one could trace ever. The cloud is basically in the same social position that this planet was say in 1880-1905 the early days of system construction only this time let’s get it right and keep it out of the hands of the global elitist ….. Yea right …. Can pigs fly?

What this business of ‘the cloud’ comes down to simply is while you’re slaving away with food, shelter, paying banks off, turning the commercial circle -someone else whom you don’t even know (or) have met will be ‘living you’re life you don’t possess’ not to mention identity and all those beautiful memories of a ‘life you think you have’. The cloud is a much more highly sophisticated form of old fashioned greed & control that ‘gels any which way’ because of the intangibility factor just wait until you are ‘half a computer yourself’ with a chip implant – cyber bliss?

This is all a ‘preparation for humanoids’ just like good ole Abe Lincoln was a ‘prep for terrorism’. The Cloud is a ‘buzz poof’ corporation candid click within the ‘baited brainwashing of commercial confederacy’ herding the masses into ‘mystical tech trances’ that are desert mirages’ Vegas style. The future is that you will have an artificial identity called a ‘life’ that you will assign contractually to a corporation that will execute you’re life for you the Cloud is ultimately ‘mass control over the masses’ but with a much more deeper psychological prowess than most non-thinkers’ think but you won’t know how much more until the ‘more is pret de get’ you.