Identity And The Eternal Now

By Stephan Pisko Not just an image it is you (identity) not only a role it is you (identity) so you the (identity) really must believe in “that” to go out and sell “that” to other identities’. Don’t always be the (identity) on the “outside of the fence looking in on something (or) someone (identity) truly wishes to be “infinitely becoming someone (or) something” is … Continue reading Identity And The Eternal Now

The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

By Stephan Pisko The cloud is another excuse for more space to place the meaningless basically our society is (or) is becoming ‘intangible’ missing passwords keys to sites that will never open “But I was in that cyber room of data information before !” impossible without the password sorry. The cloud is a legal intellectual nightmare a holding ground of lawsuits’ and is another ingenious … Continue reading The Cloud Concept – Nothing New

The Building Of The Child’s Self

By: Stephan Pisko Building on a ‘child’s self image’ is only contributing to ego enhancement then on route to mind confrontation with another mind (or) minds’. What must be taught is clearing the mind through a ‘disciplined seeing & thinking independent of mainstream mental ideas & concepts’ examining a mainstream mental idea concept by rearranging it’s form and content’. Building a child’s self image that … Continue reading The Building Of The Child’s Self