The Building Of The Child’s Self

By: Stephan Pisko

Building on a ‘child’s self image’ is only contributing to ego enhancement then on route to mind confrontation with another mind (or) minds’. What must be taught is clearing the mind through a ‘disciplined seeing & thinking independent of mainstream mental ideas & concepts’ examining a mainstream mental idea concept by rearranging it’s form and content’. Building a child’s self image that is loosing identity and cannot personally intimately communicate with another human being – building ‘self’ that is illusion the ‘I’ that is the mind’s ‘complication chamber’ the child must be taught how to see and think independent of controlled conditioned thought by not following mainstream reproductive mental ideas (or) concepts.

Human beings’ have no ‘sense of direction’ within this current ‘tech thought times’ and I can prove it visually within a ‘living psychological art installation’ where actual human beings’ will take part displaying my theory that they possess a natural no sense of direction ongoing the world’s first ‘art theme’ of it’s kind that shows physically ‘thought has no sense of human psyche direction’.

We must instruct ‘young minds’ while the mental musings are still green bamboo the older they get their thoughts will ‘snap psyche broken’ with brittle bamboo as you’re thoughts do age as well if the psyche is not mentally maintained what you think you are.