Library Book Irrelevance

By Stephan Pisko

There are library books’ within this time and environment culture that have absolutely no relevance to anything meaningful (or) useful they don’t really support anything intellectually worth while.

So what are these books doing on library shelves?

Who picks these pathetic prize?

It seems to me that nobody clearly perceives “exactly as illustrated” that’s because nothing is “clearly as illustrated” the nail head is here and the hammer is over here nobody hits it dead on it’s a dead off society.

Any library is a “literary blood flow” but it also can be a “literary clot” within the identical amount of pressure depending upon the mental cerebral quality of intellect and the healthy status of input injecting within intellect. Books on library shelves stay dormant up until mind gives them an intellectual literary vital force flow, but if intellect clots it can be slowed down as if in some deep mind bind variables exist long before a book is picked up although just the “action of picking” can immensely influence intellect regardless of cerebral condition to degrees’ of positivity and negativity this I call an “impulsing intellect” a form of mind’s version of window shopping.

Something that has been worming through mass populace within the last (25) years at least is a “functional illiteracy” and a “functional literacy” simultaneously unfortunately corrupting any sheltered intellect individuals’ possess it comes to: “Where and what are you placing your mind within?” What mental action can a human being take to exercise an intellect healthy discipline that coats and shelters intelligently?