To Possess A Future We Must Live In The Past


By Stephan Pisko

We have never known how to live on this planet exercising our total brain powers for useful purposes that would benefit most human beings’ but we can create synthetic DNA life form self replicating bacterial cells – WOW ! This is sadly depressing it shows that our ‘conditioned mental merry-go-round’ still continues where no one ever learns anything it’s just the same conditioned visuals’ and concepts over & over again look at the past because we are there the mind calls it the ‘future’ but that is a fallacy. I cannot see how creating synthetic life form in a laboratory will benefit the human race it will benefit greed – ego – power and corruption that is for certain where do you think the research funding came from?

Einstein was a ‘supreme rational thinker’ this is what we need more of today within this culture but in an age not centering on social skills the ‘routine robots’ sit behind and/or connected to ‘their manufactured minds’ that tell them what to do and how to do it. We are entering the ‘ultimate non-thinking’ generations’ to follow where no one will know anything different but they probably will read about it on the internet (or) in books’ if they exist in a few years. The power to effectively use our most important ‘portable thinking processor’ ever devised by _____ ? Who (or) what created the human brain?

No culture – corporation – government supports healthy brain functioning either socially – psychologically (or) physically the key is a ‘highly refined disciplined degree of rational perception & thinking’ this is so very important the vision of this existence depends solely on the ‘state or condition of the organ living in our heads’ for it is a marvelous tool that few know how to use to produce useful results for human beings’ via the powers of thinking rationally analyzing the seeing space with heightened perceptive qualities. We all have a right to know from the great ‘pool of knowing’ if we develop our cerebral cortex with acute awareness.

Creating synthetic life form supports the ‘scientific boy’s club ego’ but the iconic religions’ of this world dislike ‘this creation’ because it deviates from their ‘intimidating god fearing’ marketing plans once again we have this wonderful tool within our skulls used for deception swaying human minds’ young and old to think (or) act a certain belief. Corporations – religions – governments know the absolute capacity for producing a mass effect through webbing minds’ together to a central belief system it’s money in their pockets most assuredly. In this existence ‘something (or) someone’ is either ‘creating a con’ and/or ‘executing one’ it is that simple for weak fragile insecure minds’. Chess mirrors this conceptual world policy the best because it is ‘intimidating mastery of control over another mind’ nothing is as it seems – winning at any cost ? But we can create synthetic life form to do what ?

This world needs another Budda as well look what this human being did for other human beings’ under the bodhi tree this is the supreme use of brain waves and it was acomplished by literally walking out of a castle to visually understand that there was another side of the mental illusion that was not illustrated within greed and ego. This has always been the case here and as long as human minds’ buy into this ‘dead end theory’ of the mental merry-go- round the commercial circle will not stop. Budda really was the first to hear and see the ‘one hand clapping’ to create a useful doctrine still followed by mega-millions of human beings’ worldwide marvelous! Suffering is an eminent virtue because it’s ‘pure unadulterated seeing’ instant knowing no question.

Footnote: Thinking is dangerous too – wonderful thinking used to create the atomic bomb then used to kill human beings’ and that was instigated by a ‘government’ one of the cores’ of corruption.