Forget If Life Exists Elsewhere – Does Life Actually Exist?

By Stephan Pisko

What’s this frantic concern for life existing elsewhere in the cosmic universe we’re not sure if life actually exists here on planet prison could we be barking up the wrong tree of life ? The human mind always tries to pursue the infinitely unknown in other mental words ‘confusing complication’ consequently ‘simplicity’ gets round filed in the wastebasket. Today we have all the reasons’ to get back to a simplicity we’ve lost the art of ‘discovering personally’ look at society with all of it’s ‘confusing complication’ where no one possesses any sense of direction and we want to know if life exists elsewhere?


So we can conquer and dominate (or) maybe steal more alien ideas?

This ‘does life exist elsewhere’ is a plague for power instigated by the global elitist chess game the average human being that is suffering everyday with just dealing with pure common constant physical survival does not really care about possible life that is a way more intelligent so distant away in space we could not even fathom a personal meetup then there would obviously be a ‘communication problem’ well we have lots of that right here right now with the life that might exist here called the ‘human condition’. Just like the mind always pursues the ‘opposing opposite way’ with no sense of direction then gets the body vehicle to embarrass itself.

The focused direction should be aimed at us human beings’ drop the futile idea of life existing elsewhere it’s far too expensive and infinite just concern ourselves’ with ‘does life actually exist here within this controlled kingdom of an ‘opposing way’ that doesn’t work with this supposed ‘life we have’ otherwise why are so many human beings’ without direction empty lost reaching out their not reaching out to other lifeforms millions of light years away their reaching out to what I am really here for a personal intimate quest that exists right here not within an ‘infinite direction’ but within an ‘attainable finite direction’ capable of a useful meaning to life that may exist here.


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