The Reflective Poetic Works Of Joanna Panayi



To Share

I never thought I could be happy

My flesh burns in fire

The ignition is unsure

I do not know what I desire

Is this warm? Or toxic?

Or am I insecure?

I love drama

The heartbreak

The romance

I love my theatre

My stage

I admire my life


I need to take time

I wish my passion belongs to none

My business is mine



Self Reflection

When I was young and ambitious
There was a moment I thought
Ruling the stage and playing boy games
Was the joy life brought
I discovered while playing a cover
Of Marina
Flowing through the summer
Is that the hunger for life
Is more than digits on  your paper
Being insecure
Googling the answers
Developing a war in my mind
A nomansland
Black cancer
That spreads through my brain
Rapidly like running water in the drain
I am overwhelmed
I need to stop
Please understand

I am repairing my hope




I look into my core

I wonder how I could be more

I always thought I was

I am

I preach and I listen

I claim I am okay

I just want to glisten

Not enough

Not enough

That is all I can achieve

Hollowness is normal

Unfulfillment is my struggle

God if you exist

God if you know my dreams

God if you can hear me

Read me

With this text

My list

I am asking now for your hand

To guiding me

To be my own friend

Help me achieve

Help me succeed

I am enough I should say

Those words are all I need