“AVIVA” Extremely Stunning Storytelling

By Liisa Cohen

AVIVA, written and directed by the incredibly gifted Boaz Yakin, is an intensely sensual, borderline erotic, love story told through the lens of gender fluid dance, romance and unapologetic physical interactions.

It is very gender fluid. The character Aviva is a young Parisian who develops an online romance with a New Yorker named Eden. After a long-distance courtship they meet in person, fall in love, and eventually marry. The two lovers are played by four different dancer/actors simultaneously. As the young relationship grows, the lovers struggle as their shape shifting masculine and feminine sides battle for primacy—both inside and outside their bodies, as expressed through movement and dialogue.

Ingenious and ground breaking in it’s originality of going beyond storytelling with stunning cinematography and choreography, AVIVA takes you on a journey that fully dives into one’s senses with exceptionally woven scenes of love, dance and exploration of our perceptions of ‘what is’. With beautiful twists and delightful surprises, AVIVA is remarkable, with spot on casting. It is exquisitely edited and the songs and music of Asaf Avidan truly pulls it all together. AVIVA extremely entertaining, a must see and experienced.

AVIVA premiered at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival and a virtual theatrical release through select theaters in New York and Los Angeles. AVIVA is now available on Digital DVD, Bluray & VOD