Social Media – Digging Up Diabolical Dirt

By Stephan Pisko You know that social media is making some major direct hits on changing mass psychological mind perception when it has been thrashing – bashing – trashing – the human society by mind hacking. Trust me if social media wasn’t doing such a great job hiding the info we are trying to ‘dig up the diabolical dirt’ do you think for a second … Continue reading Social Media – Digging Up Diabolical Dirt

“GNT” A Short Film About Female Self Validation

By Joanna Panayi Directed by Sara Hirner and Rosemary Vasquez Brown, “GNT” is an edgy animated short created by and for women. Honest conversations between young females inspire this short film to expose the repeated cycle that is self-validation. We see the female characters Glenn, Nikki, and Tammy’s contradictory friendship as it often relies upon social standards. Glenn constantly measures her self-worth based on her … Continue reading “GNT” A Short Film About Female Self Validation

Showered Schmooze Set

By Stephan Pisko When I think of “mission” I’m thinking a godspell gadget with a hanging cross suspended gaping it’s neck who says you have a so called: “mission” in the first place? Your mind perhaps? Sounds like someone has a violent streak instigating a call for “kill the mission?” Ultimately this is a mind that clearly doesn’t really comprehend what it’s viewing some part … Continue reading Showered Schmooze Set

Selfie Crisis Checkout

By Stephan Pisko You are born physically connected to an ambilical cord when you are severed from this so called ‘lifeline’ you immediately are connected to a ‘crazy cord’ that begins to puppet you’re every actions and thoughts fixing you within a time + controlled space leaving you helplessly chained to a dollar bill for this is crisis management to the tenth power you enter … Continue reading Selfie Crisis Checkout