“GNT” A Short Film About Female Self Validation

By Joanna Panayi

Directed by Sara Hirner and Rosemary Vasquez Brown, “GNT” is an edgy animated short created by and for women. Honest conversations between young females inspire this short film to expose the repeated cycle that is self-validation.

We see the female characters Glenn, Nikki, and Tammy’s contradictory friendship as it often relies upon social standards. Glenn constantly measures her self-worth based on her social media persona. She feels the constant need to validate her self-image, even it means embarrassing herself. As her friends, Nikki and Tammy, try to keep Glenn level-headed. However, Glenn shamelessly strides to gain as many views and follows as possible. “GNT” exposes how social media portrays an unreachable perfect standard for women idolizing cryptic images on self-image and the danger of embodying unrealistic expectations.

The viewers will relate to the brutally honest dialogue and bold animation of “GNT”. The ridiculous lengths these characters go for self-validation through social media is a reflection of our current society. After watching “GNT”, viewers will laugh and possibly become more self-aware of their online environment.

“GNT” had it’s premier at 2021 Sundance Film Festival.