Selfie Crisis Checkout

By Stephan Pisko

You are born physically connected to an ambilical cord when you are severed from this so called ‘lifeline’ you immediately are connected to a ‘crazy cord’ that begins to puppet you’re every actions and thoughts fixing you within a time + controlled space leaving you helplessly chained to a dollar bill for this is crisis management to the tenth power you enter this existing activity as a ‘crisis’.   

Today you can publicly display ‘you’re very own crisis’ and it’s totally socially cool where once you wouldn’t of even hinted a mere word of it to you’re own mother now it’s around the global gob in a click ‘instant personal scandal’ has become the ‘nebulous norm’ I am ‘socially scandalized’ and I LOVE IT ! We can all be proud of our lifeline that is monetarily controlled mirroring our crises together when you view ‘one crisis’ there is an instantaneous ‘crazy cord connection’ linking the masses’ to this one ‘monetary mother’ but as a token of males’ esteem do we call nature ‘mother’ a female fetus then several cultures’ around this spinball kill their daughters’ for males’ must prosper. The ‘family finale’ is an age old controlling crisis you are never free from anything that bears a ‘maniacal name’ so whatever that happens to us on this ‘circle crisis’ we brand a female entity to it including the weather good old ‘mother nature’ for it could not have been a male entity that created this crisis so even in 2015 if we indeed believe that is what it is and not a 1520 medieval mausoleum we trudge along merrily – posting our pics – liking our likes – me me our selfie – adorning our artificial selves’ that don’t exist but we do have our self created crisis’ that we are proud to show off to a world of like-minded platitudes’ who are doing exactly the same fashions with absolutely no physical (or) mental direction.

Amazing ….. Keeping in mind no academic institution instructs this as of yet but wait the ‘school of selfie’ awaits my gracious Fisher Price does a very good job of training you’re child to push all the ‘like buttons’ like the non-thinking ‘rabid robots’ he/she is but it’s so cute gadgets’ that bestow ‘dead end demolition’ human beings’ just accept all of this as some strange ‘current communication’ just like prehistoric humans’ liking fire when this was a ‘state of the art’ development at least it was bonafidely useful the choices were limited defining a more complete satisfied culture today the choices are empty without meaning but their so socially cool and cosmetically clairvoyant and the cultural society is completely unsatisfied with terroristic distrust.

My choice is easy …. It’s ME ! (snap snap).. Time for a ‘selfie checkout’ see ya !