Social Media – Digging Up Diabolical Dirt

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By Stephan Pisko

You know that social media is making some major direct hits on changing mass psychological mind perception when it has been thrashing – bashing – trashing – the human society by mind hacking. Trust me if social media wasn’t doing such a great job hiding the info we are trying to ‘dig up the diabolical dirt’ do you think for a second these mind hackers’ would waste their time of day ?

Absolutely not!

Social Media is screaming out the warning socially : “Look & Listen – Word Up Dud !”.

Big business today has been setup all online, all social media people are commodities in BIG BUSINESS!

BIG BUSINESS today is carried out everything is macheted down to size of a ‘ mind hacking horror’ story the greed will gobble it up everything possesses a mind infected strategy bought & paid for as (I want it).

Why ?

Because we are making too much noise, gaining too many followers, thinking for ourselves and digging up too much diabolical dirt about what they are doing to us!

We must be silenced and re-directed.