At Long Last, STEEL SONG

By Vernon Nickerson

Fans of Game of Thrones and or cosplay enthusiasts will be enthralled by the behind-the-scenes documentary “Steel Song” by Director Adrian Cicerone. Be advised, the film resembles a medieval jostling contest where the combatants attemp. It beat the snot out of each other. The objective: to be th. Last person (male or female) standing. To the filmmakers’credit, the story is apologetic an tentative about its endgame.

For those housebound during the COVID-19 pandemic, this could be a tonic releasing pent-up hostilities and resentments. This is focused and intentional physical aggression, not gratuitous violence. There is a reason for meticulous planing and physical training for these weekend warriors—safety. In addition to the time and effort required, be prepared to spend from a low of $1500 to a high of $10/5K for a suit of body armor and helmet.

Hopefully, I have left the readers intrigued to watch this interesting group of people, like Bridget, a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome and body tremors. For her, the battle is a weapon in her arsenal against those potentially debilitating maladies.

Can these groups help diverse groups live together in the USA out of armor?

Aye, that is indeed BIG Question I had while watching this film.

Go ye and view this fine film.

Steel Song Official Trailer from Steel Song on Vimeo.