Chess – Inverted Psychological Perversion

By Stephan Pisko,

Chess is (90%) psychological mind over players’ master of opponent psyche stamina the game is won (or) lost even before you sit down before the board then you contemplate the razor’s edge nothing to lose you program your opponent’s moves’ crush the ego. Chess drives you to lunacy by taking your ego to the guillotine it consumes cerebral capacity even when a writer writes about the game of chess it becomes consuming devours diabolically the mind finds difficulty in locating the words’ mind finds frustration with the creative composition. Focused discipline beyond mentality riding the deceptive display of egoism giving “self a slipknot” never ever tied down (or) primed that is the end. Mind is a determinant a determining factor how determined remains “within the set situation” chess may be an “inverted psychological perversion” inner demons’ collected along the warrior way of ego the ultimate escape of a singular obsession. So you win then it feels like “something was taken out of you” it’s a very unique position to be chess champ of the world planet it’s a position that has no applicants’ there is only “one” you are lonely if you don’t play the game there is no risk. The puppet masters are the biggest chess manipulators’ they run the world player’s chess is paranoia like playing the game with a dead person a paranoid schizoprenic sinkhole.

Winning chess can be a “defeated nothingness” bringing self to nothing the players’ are inanimate on the board but mind doesn’t think so there exists an “animadvert animation” anything to play – anything to win.

Bobby Fischer possessed a “super sensitive mind extremely hyperacute” to exterior bombardment his mind deciphered with pentium speed he could actually do a “whole chess game” within one board play setup he would memorize chess plays’ within books’ and magazines’. Ego exaggeration is required with chess you may not be “that good” (or) “that great” but the ego is “stretched covering the opponent” the “state of mind” is disturbed that can be felt putting a drain upon the opponent.

Bobby won the world chess championship then he said: ‘What do I do now?”

He virtually put his physical life on the chess board stalemated to go anywhere after his goal of being chess champion was achieved.