Awareness Understanding

  By Stephan Pisko Human beings’ are bombarded every second of each waking day with mainstream thought conditioning no chance to possess an ‘understanding’ no chance to even try to formulate an ‘awareness understanding’ of what all of this physical nonsense is really all about if anything at all useful (or) meaningful. If you stopped to ask anyone on the street this question: “Do you … Continue reading Awareness Understanding

Seeing Simply With An Uncluttered Mind – Clean Your Dinner Table

By Stephan Pisko, You’re mind today is like a dinner-table after (12) people that have just finished a wonderful meal whom are no longer present at the table but what remains are unfinished pieces of meat – fish bones – bits of bread buns – gravy stains – fork stuck in the butter dish – wine glasses with wine still left in them – ripped … Continue reading Seeing Simply With An Uncluttered Mind – Clean Your Dinner Table

Social Psychological Editorial Photography

By Stephan Pisko The social embraces the psychological thereby exhibiting an advertising editorial look the model blends into the “socio-psycho” scene naturally reflecting an easy everyday feel to the viewer instantly liking the advertised product – “That would look great on me!”. So the model and photographer have jointly created a “harmonious happening” that sold the product visually honestly believably to the viewer’s eye a … Continue reading Social Psychological Editorial Photography

Go Getting Success Show – Fantasy Island

  By Stephan Pisko If you have ever watched “Fantasy Island” TV series from the late 70’s early 80’s then you definitely understand this ‘go getting success show’ when the first thing Mr. Rork exclaims with jubilation when the weather beaten ‘success stories’ come filing off that float plane – oh right – the bell resounds by the little midget in an all white suit … Continue reading Go Getting Success Show – Fantasy Island

Corrupting Change

By  Stephan Pisko Change is corrupting within this time and environment if something changes you can be 98.9% sure that it will be corrupting in some controlling corrupt case/s. Apps’ are “holographic hollowness” they were never really there their existence was overlapped transparent invisibility high priced meaningless material that are marketable muses’. We psychologically cannot tech without “candy bars for gadgets” the faster the change … Continue reading Corrupting Change

Conscious Seeing

By Stephan Pisko Conscious seeing forms the personality and shapes the mind we are psychologically inputting experiences that create identity a supposition of who we are within a conscious state. The camera molds these experiences which in turn creates ‘creative fantasy’ from the ‘illusion’ we call reality. The mind is constantly mixing logical fact with capricious unobtainable desires (or) phantasmagoria the ingredients for a ‘mental … Continue reading Conscious Seeing


By Stephan Pisko The question is:  “How did all this social media-ized cell phonic technology get into very active insecure empty minds’ in the first place?”  Well the greedy power ridden idea of controlling these minds’ is where it begins besides the fact that this (30) year behind the times simplistic technology was totally setup for this purpose whatever births out of this is a … Continue reading I-Minds  

Unexplainable Energy Force

By Stephan Pisko This energy force that gives a living movement to every physical being, plant, tree, animal, water, etc. is outside of time and space therefore this is what gave a tremendous thrust to the supernova matter that started the initial big bang and there were many big bangs’ rational logic emits that there was a succession of variating monstrous cosmic atomic explosions and … Continue reading Unexplainable Energy Force

Selfie Crisis Checkout

By Stephan Pisko You are born physically connected to an ambilical cord when you are severed from this so called ‘lifeline’ you immediately are connected to a ‘crazy cord’ that begins to puppet you’re every actions and thoughts fixing you within a time + controlled space leaving you helplessly chained to a dollar bill for this is crisis management to the tenth power you enter … Continue reading Selfie Crisis Checkout

Greed and Power Hires Genius

By Stephan Pisko Greed and power hires genius to create destruction via a control pattern effect with this genius is effectively managed through dominant patterns’ but fails to realize the probable purpose of it’s domination. Might and mind are separate, but they too converge randomly as social irritations’ flutter agitation stirring the ‘power pot’ while greed gobbles it up. The masses expect theater trauma, it … Continue reading Greed and Power Hires Genius

Whirlwind Web – Where In The Hell Am I Going With My Career

By Stephan Pisko Am I indeed going somewhere besides a piggybacked procrastination of webbed circles too much on my plates’ – too much exploded time going up in my aging smoke its a new year and I’m almost (40) years old (2) jobs with high-priority company project profile deadlines’ – “What in the Hell Am I Doing?”. My days seem like a ‘hellish tornado’ I … Continue reading Whirlwind Web – Where In The Hell Am I Going With My Career

Okay Your Stuck Here – Now What Do You Do

By Stephan Pisko There is ‘one general attitude’ that is a common constant within this existence and everyone on this planet ‘as a whole body’ reflects it an attitude (or) better still a negative negation that normalizes the abnormalities basically a chemist’s tool within the eyes of a ‘game gnome’ psychologically paradoxical putting into words the wordless something no one ever feels physically very deep … Continue reading Okay Your Stuck Here – Now What Do You Do

Photographer As Artist – Intuitive Imagination

By Stephan Pisko, With artistry comes impatience with expectancy breeds a contemplative conjunction with this union there exists a flutter with vibration there is randomness with this purposelessness you have the potential to discover you’re true desires with these sincere wishes rests a peacefulness and this is what the photographer as artist creates an ‘appeasement’ it is a potent artistry. Intuitive imagination feeds the ‘creative … Continue reading Photographer As Artist – Intuitive Imagination


By Stephan Pisko We can’t feel it – We can’t find it – We can’t touch it – But we can slowly see it unveiling it’s comprehensive curtain it’s shutterific blind stabilizer silently shadowing life’s beam in a different directional spotlight. Aging is ‘slow to emotion’ but ‘mean in action’ depending on ‘how you work with it’ some think it’s a ‘numerical nostradamus’ on certain … Continue reading Aging

Fluid Transparency – Pouring In and Out of Form

By Stephan Pisko Vision quests ingenuity stirs the physical to create platonic quality is indiscernible and attracts to make a creation vibrantly translucent we ‘can’t see’ the spirit within the transparency but we ‘can see’ the contents throughout. The fluid transparency is recognizing the immortal that is you raised to a separate visual compendium it is not a ‘photograph’ it is a ‘showing’ possessing a … Continue reading Fluid Transparency – Pouring In and Out of Form

Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

  By Stephan Pisko Human life evolved out of a dollar bill this is the ‘god concept’ which each and every one of us programmed perennials sprouting up everywhere – “How much does that cost ?” – “Want that …. Buy me one !” – are committed and controlled to and by. The dollar bill is a natural for the human being (besides war chess) … Continue reading Circle of Nowhere – Human Life Evolved Out of a Dollar Bill

Conscious Of The Social Masses

By Stephan Pisko The social mass only purchases items that ‘strangle hold’ and/or ‘commercially conned’ the perceiver into believing that they require this to function within this ‘controlled chamber of holographic horrors’ although I think that the internet on the whole has brought human beings’ together but for all the wrong reasons’ such as: distrust – conceit – envy – just to mention a few … Continue reading Conscious Of The Social Masses

Spiritual Suicide

  By Stephan Pisko This traumatic time travels tumultuously wreaked havoc on sensitive creative corpuscles’ these weaker spiritual suicidal sensations feel the finer elements of turmoil they are the sacrificial lambs’ of musty days being led by forgone flock herders’ who cheat and pilfer passionately. Sensitive creative types’ do not understand the kill they enwrap blessedly. It is not suicide that saturates seemingly,but spiritual salvation … Continue reading Spiritual Suicide