Awareness Understanding


By Stephan Pisko

Human beings’ are bombarded every second of each waking day with mainstream thought conditioning no chance to possess an ‘understanding’ no chance to even try to formulate an ‘awareness understanding’ of what all of this physical nonsense is really all about if anything at all useful (or) meaningful.

If you stopped to ask anyone on the street this question: “Do you have any understanding of what you are doing?”. Possessing an ‘awareness understanding’ has nothing to do with materialistic value it’s priceless because it sets you apart from mainstream thought conditioning it places you outside the ‘family fence’ to glimpse the entire ‘programmed picture’ not just ‘part of the picture’ as within ‘parental programming mode’ in the earliest child’s years to clearly view the whole minus any conditioning bias.

It places you ‘in this world’ you cannot get away from that physical fact yet, but you’re not ‘of this world’ you are executing a different way of seeing and thinking that has nothing to do with mainstream thought conditioning directly. You are seeing through this ‘thought trap’ instead of getting caught within it. You are not ‘looking at but seeing beyond’ to a more ‘subliminal awareness understanding’ that is not quite evident on the exterior, but is there none the less underneath the ‘system structure’ that baits and deceives the mind.