New Psychology + Senses

By Stephan Pisko

The universe is expanding and the mind is collapsing shrinking to a convex point of useful nothingness where a select number of beings’ will prevail simple survival is evolving into a technical tyrant. At one juncture human beings’ were independent survivalists’ but we are changing places as interdependent submissive savages under domination taskmasters (or) technical tyrants and greed gods. The mind is transforming into a complicated cave of desert darkness where simplicity doesn’t exist only high degrees of complexity a whole new psychology for these excelled minds’ is given birth.

Mental conditioning is not truth instruction is furthest from and truth beliefs are passed down conditioning this shows up within our senses although ‘uninhibited untouched sense’ is truth before preplanned conditioning tainted it’s sensorial direction. The senses’ are our ‘feelers’ to a conditioned life response system we cling to sensorial communication conditioning we have been subliminally enhanced to react to certain stimuli ‘forged feeling’ that is not from our own physical makeup.


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