By Stephan Pisko

We can’t feel it – We can’t find it – We can’t touch it – But we can slowly see it unveiling it’s comprehensive curtain it’s shutterific blind stabilizer silently shadowing life’s beam in a different directional spotlight. Aging is ‘slow to emotion’ but ‘mean in action’ depending on ‘how you work with it’ some think it’s a ‘numerical nostradamus’ on certain numbers’ like 30 (or) 40 (or) the much feared and dreaded 65 when you’ve attained the last ‘glue patch hood’ pasture time for the old boy (or) girl.

But aging can be your closet friend you would normally be kind to your closet friend correct ? The benefits are mutually marvelous in that you have much less pain and suffering working with your personal ‘aging autonomy’ it inhabits a physical body it can be proud of because your both working together within a ‘syncopated sardonicus’ a pen in hand paradise where creative adepts float seamlessly through cloud inkwells penning your story of the universe.