Fluid Transparency – Pouring In and Out of Form

By Stephan Pisko

Vision quests ingenuity stirs the physical to create platonic quality is indiscernible and attracts to make a creation vibrantly translucent we ‘can’t see’ the spirit within the transparency but we ‘can see’ the contents throughout. The fluid transparency is recognizing the immortal that is you raised to a separate visual compendium it is not a ‘photograph’ it is a ‘showing’ possessing a name within it’s physical mounting but when revealed through the fluidity it ‘pours in and out of form’ changing continuing on even when the name has fled and the show has ceased.

Through the process we visualize the pouring and it is through the fluid pouring (in-out) of form that the wisdom surfaces ‘within the pour’ this spark wanders but ‘through the pour’ the liveliness is free and this living nucleus radiates when faith is strong. A photograph is opaque – you can see ‘it’ but you cannot see ‘through it’ with the transparency you can see through to other passages’ but primarily the shadowy corridor.