Photographer As Artist – Intuitive Imagination

By Stephan Pisko,

With artistry comes impatience with expectancy breeds a contemplative conjunction with this union there exists a flutter with vibration there is randomness with this purposelessness you have the potential to discover you’re true desires with these sincere wishes rests a peacefulness and this is what the photographer as artist creates an ‘appeasement’ it is a potent artistry.

Intuitive imagination feeds the ‘creative daydream’ there is ‘intuitive inclination’ before there is ‘creative cohesiveness’. With photography the intuitive factor dominates firstly before the ‘creative gears’ are put into a driving shift but once this is executed intuition then takes a back seat with the ‘creative urge’ positioned at the command center. The creative and the intuitive both work for the spirit – spirit is the faculty that keeps them from colliding into each other.