Conscious Of The Social Masses

By Stephan Pisko

The social mass only purchases items that ‘strangle hold’ and/or ‘commercially conned’ the perceiver into believing that they require this to function within this ‘controlled chamber of holographic horrors’ although I think that the internet on the whole has brought human beings’ together but for all the wrong reasons’ such as: distrust – conceit – envy – just to mention a few we haven’t met personally the individual that we have been blogging with for the past (6) months, but we know that we already don’t like them with a number of reasons’ once again including: material greed – ego competition he (or) she is better than me well this is the ‘oldest mental story’ that the mind has to offer that’s why ‘war is a natural for the human being’ and this is used against us by governments’ – corporations’ – elitists’. The study of human behavior now not yesterday (or) tomorrow – we lived differently (10) years ago as we will live differently (10) years from now.

There is a certain ‘charm of pure thought deduction’ without the crutch of computer technology to be alone with you’re mind to produce unbiased mental insight probing and analyzing the subjective (or) objective. We really don’t need computers’ but some human mind corporations’ suckered us into believing we do we were ‘strangle hold’ commercially conned now we can’t live without a computer because ‘once you know something you miss it’ when it’s not there not to mention all of the commercial greed vying for you’re money.

Social physics is quite simply based on a ‘monkey see – monkey do’ herding instinct like the ‘discovery of fire’ for instance it attracted a crowd of neanderthals’ to ‘see the doing’ now we have the internet with social media for millions’ of human beings’ to gather and ‘see the doing’ on our laptop screens where there is ‘mass interest’ there is greed – ego – competition – nothing new here just more intensely quicker ways to manifest (or) reverse order. The mind wants an ‘exact method of multiplication’ as it applies to this so called social physics based on statistical equations, quirky schemes, etc.what is the final result to all of this (or) is there a final result to engineering better social systems’ that ‘do more and/or make more’ what ? Money ? Predicting mass action/s ….. hum …..sounds very corporate one way not very genuinely useful for the human condition. Big data is ‘big control’ credit card transactions, call records, GPS location fixes – spying on ‘what you are doing’ and ‘when you are doing it’. Facebook is actually less controlling but more revealing the ‘inner psyche of the mind’ even though it is mostly all ‘reproductive thought’ regurgitated over and over again in a most dumb fashion.

Consciousness has evolved over thousands of years but with the increased amount of ‘visual influences’ that the human mind has created subsequently an ‘increased level of consciousness’ (or) perceptual intensity’ occurred simultaneously. When human beings’ first began to develop a more acute consciousness the level of awareness was very low due to ‘limited exterior visual seeing space’ as there were only a few concepts’ to focus on like food – shelter – etc.but as cultures’, societies emerged there was more for the mind to analyze with personal decision making, etc. beyond the mere aspect of self survival alone. Perception + Mind = consciousness – the seeing space that we perceive when interacted with the brain (or) mind. The mind is really just a ‘by product’ of the brain producing a ‘consciousness’ that initializes the identity of ‘I’ (me) and because of this ‘seeing space’ it also produces the ‘unconscious’ perceptive variables’ that teases the brain mind during dreams. If we did not have a ‘seeing space of perceptive variables’ we would not have a full content palette for dream sequences while the ‘I’ slumbers. So consciousness commences when the brain mind has sufficient visual data to be transformed (or) custom designed for the ‘I’ which ignites ‘personality’ a by product of the ‘I’ (you).

I will mention again look what the Buddha did without a computer could we do the same now?

Producing something supremely useful for human beings’ still in great use worldwide within this existence devoid of any ego – greed – competition – overrides for thousands of years.