“Ask No Questions” A blown Away Look at Controlled Media

By Sanyukta Thakare
Ask No Questions takes a serious look at the power of media under the control of an authoritarian figure like the government. By following the story of a Chen Ruichang who refused to give up his belief, the film also reminds us the truth will prevail, one way or other. What’s shocking is, this story wasn’t that far back. It was within the decade’s time and similar situations are still continuing all over the world.
Our filmmakers, Jason Loftus and Eric Pedicelli follow the story of self-immolation seven purported Falun Gong adherents in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, that occurred in 2001. The event did have casualties, one woman died on-site, four others were badly burned. Among the participants were two sets of mothers and daughters, according to reports they were all supposedly driven by Falun Gong to set themselves on fire.
Jason who has been following the Buddhist meditation discipline Falun Gong, since 1998 knew something was wrong. While he was unable to pursue the truth at the time, with this documentary, he intends to prove the event was stage proved and presents substantial evidence with the help of CNN’s journalist who was present at the time in Tiananmen Square and Chen Ruichang, who is a Chinese state TV insider, and was also a prisoner of at the re-education camps.
The documentary takes a close look at the event and beings to questions the media coverage of the event by the Chinese government, the political stance at the time and the effects of the staged  self-immolation on followers and non-followers of Falun Gong. It is a real eye-opening and chilling experience, to watch the truth behind the events that have now shaped the entire country.
Ask No Questions debuted at 2020 slam dance film Festival in Park city Utah. For more information and to follow the film please go to https://asknoquestionsfilm.com/  .