A Dark Comedy with Irrepressible Kids is Family Fun in ‘Daddy’s Divas’

Daddy’s Divas

Rating: 7/10

Directors: David Tittone

Writers: David Torre and David Tittone

Style: Comedy

Time: 20 minutes

Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=xHo2XOQ2zlA

Review by Mike Szymanski

Michael McQuary plays a lot of the goofiest characters

This series of short, clever and funny stories about a widower and his three girls are about 20 minutes long each, and they are cute and enjoyable for the entire family. It’s hard to find edgy family comedy like this today.

Audiences both young and old alike will laugh about these absurd and endearing characters surrounding a comical bald bodybuilder trainer Michael Hill (played by David Tittone) and his divas who are his daughters played by Brooklyn (Kaitlyn Klinginsmith) and Jocelyn (Madelyn Klinginsmith ) and infant daughter Adalyn (Kylie Klinginsmith).

It’s not surprising that the girls are actually David Tittone’s actual daughters, and that he is the director and co-writer along with his own father. These are realistic, life-like and believable stories that seem like they could be ripped out Tittone’s real life. It was all filmed where he lives in Kansas City.

The director says, “I co-wrote the series with my father, David Torre. My three daughters — Kaitlyn, Madelyn, and Kylie — portray the ‘Divas’ in the series. My son, Jack, portrays their cousin who also happens to live next door to the Hills.”

In the premiere episode, the girls get in serious trouble for pranking their teacher from something they learned on YouTube. Their teacher Miss Carly (Kim Palmer) calls and accuses the dad of not being able to control or handle his girls.

David Tittone stars, writes and directs “Daddy’s Divas”

The principal, Mr. Henderson (played by Sonny Gaitan), is also seriously concerned about the girls, and that’s all OK, because that means they will all be around for some of the fun and games going on in the 10 episodes that have already been taped.

This group plays games together, wrestles together and get sick and run to the bathroom individually after the girls make some special dessert for the school.

Michael has an over-the-top brother-in-law Bradley (played by the rubber-faced wacky Jeffrey Staab) who dances around while mowing the lawn, and dresses up in costumes and scares the neighbors.

Michael’s sister Tiffany is played by Christie Courville, who also has a wacky sense of humor and an elaborate series of outfits and jewelry that make her character even funnier (and unpredictable.) They have a little boy (who ironically is the director’s actual real-life son as well) who picks fights with a series of rough bikers who live in the neighborhood, too.

Michael’s mother Carol is played by Dawn Linneman, and she is hooking up with Principal Henderson, and she also takes karate classes that allows her to flip her son.

One of the most irritating characters in the series is the president of the homeowner’s association group, Liam, (played by Jason Turner) who complains that Carol’s lawn is too tall and she is violating the neighborhood standards. He also complains about dog poop, and you know there will be a few mishaps with that involved.

The cast

One of the highlights of the series is a character actor who plays most of the goofiest roles written for these Divas. Michael McQuary plays a smart aleck Angel, a flamboyant Chef on a TV show, a minister, a judge and more. He literally steals every scene he’s in, even if it is a hysterical bake-off between Michael and his wacky brother-in-law.

This internet family series also deals with difficult situations too like when Michael has to deal with his girls when he goes on a date for the first time. (And his date is obsessed with a kooky character named Rocco the Rock Star.)

The series already won a slew of awards including for many of the actors. It won comedy series awards from festivals in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Best Ensemble Cast and other honors from the Red Movie Awards.

Each of the 10 episodes seems to highlight another one of the kooky characters and Michael remains the heart and soul of the group as the Daddy of all the Divas. It’s worth watching it together.

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