Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

By Stephan Pisko

It used to be that alcoholics’ and drug addicts’ were the “losers’ of society,” but not so within this time and environment they have come into “age” as the redefined “masters’ of the universe” the Nostradamus of this demented controlled setup society they drink and do their drugs because they have seen this “futile setup future” they know what is coming there is no disillusioned subliminal buzz words’ like “hope” in their vocabulary (or) minds’ they prefer to fade out before they grow any older.

If you do not possess an “open mind” these article words’ might be a little difficult for you to understand and/or comprehend completely, but just try to think on it you just might begin to “see something” before it’s too late to “see anything”.

You are most likely slaving away at a (9-5) mainstream position with a “name tag” all the false promises’ their seeing the “raw truth” and acting accordingly they are enjoying their deterioration while your stressing minute by meticulus minute in pain scratching for “food & shelter” no one will “see them starve”,  but everyone will “see you starve!”. Just think for a second “How smart are you really?”.

Now I’m not saying everyone should be alcoholics’ (or) drug addicts’ just don’t “condemn them” when it’s “you that is condemned”.