Butterfly The Canary In The Coal Mine

By Jannie Vaught

The National Butterfly Center in Mission Texas is a 100-acre wildlife center and native species botanical garden dedicated to the conservation and study of butterflies. Since many butterfly plants support bees also. Take a moment and go to their web site. www. nationalbutterflycenter.org. for all the latest and up to date information you can wish to find. They say the butterfly is the canary in the coal mine. With reduced habitat, it is an indicator of the state of our planet. Under their support tab, they have a Grow Your Garden with a map of their flower gardens. They will be having a Wild Garden Festival April 18 -21 2020 with speakers and education their goal is improving the planet one rooftop, one roadside one yard at a time. Included are the Wild bees of the national butterfly center.

As you have read through this article the design and thoughtful action of permaculture design is being a companion with nature to assist the wounded area and with nature as the guide installing nature’s water, soil restoration and native plants, trees and grasses. When this is done, the birds, bees, butterflies, and creatures return for food, safety nesting and raising their young to again renew the natural cycle of natural life. It is not Fjust about planting plants specific for butterflies, but renewing the complete picture of natural habitat. It begins with your wanting to be an active part and learning or un-learning for many of us how we fit into this without being harmful. The first steps are the most difficult. stop using chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, No Roundup! Stop raking and removing the leaves from your trees, these are nature’s natural habitat for these essential ground dwellers. and reduce short mowing of lawns and grass areas. Mow less, mow high as the mower will go or learn to use an old-time grass cutter such as a scythe. And take time to study what is under your feet, there are many native plants just waiting to bring food forage and habitat. This does take some time, I encourage you to get a good book on native plants and flowers and one with good pictures sure is a help. Its more than a few flowers, but even at that with intention and simply placing some native seeds and plants for butterflies and bees brings them to your yard. Just like their goals, one yard at a time.

What a joy it is to see the flowers and butterflies in the spring. A very good place for native seed is at Native American Seed Company in Junction Texas. Their catalog is full of learning information and they sell quality native seeds and seed blends for specific areas of restoration. As we get closer to our spring growing time consider making an effort to incorporate a large offering to the Butterflies and Bees of Texas and in your area.

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