Remote Neural Monitoring – Mind Control – Manufacturing Nut Cases

By Stephan Pisko

The phenomenon that is happening is a “subliminal recruiting” it attracts hypnotically basically with weak infected influenced minds’, but it has all been “setup” by an exterior force with ninja qualities’. It is very visually amazing that we have all of these different minds’ on this planet with an equally amazing ratio of “mind similarities” human beings’ who have never met living miles apart in totally separate varied cultures’ can think – look – react in very similar if not too most exacting physical standards’ opens up an area of psychological science that has been studied ongoing since the middle to late 50’s – early 60’s.

There has never been a society so matched linked into this”subliminal gathering” mass manipulated menagerie than the current time and thought. Just examine very briefly what all of these technological tools’ that have such a controlling crippling effect on so many mass cultures’ it is not a “science fiction idea” anymore it is a totally setup psychological science like an invisible force field only with netting herding strategically pinpointing psych-positions’ akin to a laser attracting basically a weaker easily infected influenced mind very similar to hypnotic suggestion the “subconscious is directing the psyche”.

Super organized with a “psych-science” that doesn’t require physical recruiting enlisting no weapons to influence minds’ into believing something then doing drastically devastating devious dramatic actions’ the warriors’ don’t even know who they are they remain dormant up to the time the right keys’ are depressed and one warrior possesses a super cerebral capability because it’s all psychologically induced the brain is inflated with only “one directive” making the physical actions’ so fiercely focused.