Punk Rock Within The Disco Domain

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

By Stephan Pisko

A dance beat stylized version of (Sid Vicious) minus the reforming ritual retribution why does mind always mix substance abuse with radicality? Why is there such a strong desire to reproduce past personal identity actions? This is so prevalent within the musical eras’ of bygone generations’ that psychologically introduced (fashions + fads) psycho-philosophy influencing gender and mentality infiltrating mainstream thought patterns’ for decades’ yet to be foretold through physical birthing.

Freak fundamentalists’ with pretend fabricated names’ they could never live up to within mass populace then go dip into a “heroine hell” do things that memory cannot remember instigating a radical rewarding punishment for someone else’s past derogatory conduct. Thus transforming identity into the identity that the public persona wished to see the ultimate selfdestructing icon carnival sideshow freak displaying personally terrifying truths’ of the limits mind will malaise when insecurities’ impregnate insanity.

Punk was an exterior excemplification favoring social basic change with a rumbling inner rituality tearing who identity thought it was into a frivolous fabrication of wished identity wasn’t was at all. The “edge of ecstasy” is an ecliptic echelon ecocide where identity and everything surrounding the circumference is polluted fantasy with no sense of purpose and bodily mutilation was taking place serious suicidal tendencies’ were visibly within full physical force.

What mind will cope with to sustain an outward image sensation that stimulates mass mentality as a honestly believable belief concept. Punk rock within the 70’s was as addicting as the drugs’ the punks’ injected and ingested it was a total rebellious happening that looked felt so bloody cool “intellectuality” never ever came into the “punk picture” that would have spoiled the smothering salacious nonsense.