Mental Consciousness for the New Mind


By Stephan Pisko

Non-thinking shrivels the mind, but thinking stretches the mind to ultimate spacial limits and beyond. We must be careful where we ‘place our minds’ today during this the ‘age of controlled confinement – psychological prison’. Hormonal drive in both sexes one this way and one that way is our transmission to move in ways that we do but the mind is invisible we cannot find it but we can see it’s production results all around us. Our ‘ I ‘ is created from our thoughts’ that do not necessarily belong to ‘us’ or the ‘ I ‘ but a configuration web that manufactures a ‘theater of illusion (or) concepts’ via a ‘universal reproductive warehouse’. Certain psychological phenomenon like consciousness we will never fully understand because we cannot put it under a microscope (or) hold it consciousness just arises from perception then evaporates (or) blends with another thought perception. With our first vision as a baby our conscious journey begins to formalize we are experimenting with what we psychologically perceive in great detail depending upon our informational upload that already dominates mental space and this is what forms the personality through the coming years.

I don’t feel that a ‘genuine consciousness’ exists but a mixture of fantasy and perceptive illusionary reality that we are always battling psychologically ever waking moment. Identical mental ideas have changed in superlative ways thinking solutions to analytical perceptive challenges because of a ‘global monetary psychological squeeze’ that has come about in the last (8-10) years and it’s all about a ‘controlled confinement’ of the huge mass now putting up ‘mental shop’ (365) days of the year worldwide just think of all the ‘identical mental ideas’ that are striving for a ‘release of confinement’ it’s a real Houdini trick that never quite engages for total ‘anaphora amazement’ thinking creates consciousness but also patients’ for psychiatrists’ offices’. It is not a matter of studying consciousness but in essence how it ‘relates to present day psychologies’ and the application of there as usefully therefore we must try to develop a ‘thinking philosophy for the new mind’ living within today’s society for mental survival.

Do we really see what we are perceiving ? Recent studies show that when we are given (2) separate images to look at the brain perceives one image then the other but not two at the identical same seeing space the brain requires some sort of ‘amplification delay’ to focus on one of the images but which one firstly and which one secondly ? So it seems that visual choices are automatically controlled for perception by the brain and this is also the crux of subliminal advertising that gives any commercial product the consumer’s edge. Figuring out when and where this focused cerebral amplification occurs is the new science of consciousness. The human mind can rationalize anything which means it’s a ‘free radical agent’ going in any ‘psyche direction at once’ so consciousness must amplify this ‘mish mash’ of chaotic convergency with impatient error.


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