“3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story” Is An Pulse Pounding Suspense Thriller Documentary


3 Years in Pakistan- The Erik Aude Story

By William Engel

“3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story” documents the story of a Hollywood stuntman who got roped into a drug smuggling operation in Pakistan, leading to him being placed on death row for a crime he wasn’t responsible for. We’re taken though his desperate struggle to survive and prove his innocence to a court who seems determined to find him guilty no matter what.

The story, as told by filmmaker Jamielynn Lippman, plays out like a pulse-pounding thriller, as Erik is forced through the darkest recesses of Pakistan’s draconian legal system and his loved ones work tirelessly to get him free and unravel the mystery behind his arrest. There’s even a several-minute long dramatization of Erik being tortured by Pakistani police – an ordeal that includes beating, electrocution and attempted drowning. It’s one of the most adrenaline-boosting documentaries you’ll see this year, and even the knowledge that Erik will make it out alive does little to negate the suspense.

But “3 Years” is more than just a crime thriller. It’s also the inspiring story of one man’s resilience at the mercy of a legal system that seems determined to find him guilty, and a sordid warning not to take the legal protections we have in the west for granted. The film even notes that Erik would have been out of prison in a matter of months had his case been tried in the United States.

“3 Years”, simply put, is a gem of a documentary – simultaneously chilling, heartbreaking, thought-provoking and uplifting.

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3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story

Documentary |

Director: Jamielyn Lippman

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