Cleaning of Cerebral Cookies – Importance of Meditation and Deletion


By Stephan Pisko

Slowness of mind and body pinpoints (2) very important areas:

“What are you inputting to mind?” and “What are you feeding body?”

Nourishment of body also targets the mind and vice versa. It’s funny the North American Buddha is ‘top heavy’ meaning the mind is so filled up with cerebral cookies from the enormous amounts of influential thought second by second – minute by minute – hour by hour consequently the North American Buddha topples over very easily because of this needless mental baggage the mind feels vacationing is in order so it vacuums the luggage racks full of cerebral cookies that we do not delete on a daily basis through ‘thought contemplation’ (or) just plain old fashioned mental disciplining before the mental cookie jar is teeming full of cookies that psychologically and subliminally affect our every physical movement whether we are conscious of it (or) not. On the other hand, the Eastern Buddha is ‘mid section balanced’ meaning the mental cookie jar is located in the belly so it swings and sways forward backward ahead is balanced never toppling over (or) falling flat on the face like the North American Buddha does so graciously.

The importance of meditating on conditioned thought before it enters the mental cookie jar maintaining a ‘balanced distribution of cookies’ awaiting to be deleted this way the mind will never become overwhelmed with the ‘confusion of complexity’ it seems to thrive on. You cannot delete what you cannot mentally picture a ‘ball of thought bunches’ you cannot effectively meditate on there is no focal frame that is required for isolated identification of conditioned thought so the daily cleaning of cerebral cookies is very necessary to maintain clear thought minus brain fog emitting a clear thinker to see through this fraternizing fog where the tempting but tasty cerebral cookies inhabit.

Think of you’re mind as a ‘computer concept’ because that is basically what it is a computer can get very sluggish even cease to function because of cookies overload thought spies wanting to gather information about you’re buying habits – personal likes (or) dislikes, etc. If you do not clean the mind of cerebral cookies something (or) someone will be at ‘you’re mental controls’ directing what you do and think in addition you will be functioning in a ‘rundown lethargic manner’ not with a quick intellectual sharp mind. Maintaining a healthy mind takes years and years of constant assiduous work so start a daily regimen of cerebral cookie cleaning with an empty mental cookie jar for optimum thinking.


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