Quantum Thinking

By Stephan Pisko

Our first quantum thought should be that quantum physics is unexplainable it just is something that nobody fully understands even the greatest of physicists’. What came first quantum electrodynamics (or) nature ? Seems fairly easy to answer possibly but there is a problem as there lies a contradiction in these two areas quantum electrodynamics states that nature is absurd it has something to do with light & matter molecular shuffling from a basic common sense view there is nothing ordinary about quantum physics far from it I propose what did come first and why does this type of contradiction work in some unexplainable fashion? Logically I would say that quantum physics burst onto the scene firstly with nature on it’s quantitative heels skipping along everything that we could ever know is here in this physical existence the big bang/s produced it all but it is up to us to identify and understand it if we physically can.

Now nature is a ‘mirage’ because it requires a ‘psychological self’ the ‘I’ that doesn’t exist to observe it making it a supposed reality maybe that’s the contradiction there this reflection of light & matter is an illusion before the psychological self has a chance to identify it as ‘I’ self mine another prerequisite of quantum thinking is an open mind by the way. Literally shedding light on a subject (or) object doesn’t make it any of a clearer understanding by any means I’ve been a photographer for over (30) years believe me light is a marvelous Houdini to capture before it ‘flees the freeze’ but just because there is no ‘I’ doesn’t mean that nature does not exist either.

Quantum physics is indeed quite strange in that possible particle locations spread out where two protons’ are very likely to be kept too far away from each other to fuse together creating a reaction but where there are so many protons’ as in the Sun’s case several millions of tons of them actually fusing together every second and all because of a process called: ‘quantum mechanical tunneling’ the protons’ appear on the other side of this electromagnetic repulsion barrier without passing through the space in between I guess the protons’ are impatient because they jump to the other side and fuse together. Without tunneling the Sun’s fusion reaction would not work meaning – no weather – no oxygen with extremely low temperatures on Earth there would be no life at all without this unique quantum process.

Personally I really enjoy this extreme but logical idea of a fluid overlap unification between quantum theory and biology to say that consciousness itself is a ‘quantum phenomenon’ but unfortunately as of yet there is no direct concrete evidence to base this theory on it is not possible to explain the conscious mind using conventional classical physics it really requires quantum effects an example being entanglement to make it physically explainable one suggestion was something called: ‘orchestrated objective reduction’. The brain in all of it’s wonderment accomplishes unexplainable computation that would be next to impossible using conventional mechanical processes. The probabilistic flavor at the core of quantum theory could explain this added capability feature the cytoskeleton structure that supports neurons’ within the brain focusing on microtubule thin polymers that form part of the cytoskeleton could possibly act as a quantum system where the brain’s electrons’ tunnel between these microtubules. Consciousness may be a blank space and the brain may digitally manufacture our conscious reality custom designed to our thought patterns.

Scientific terminology does not validate actual truths works are useless unless applied to meaningful useful purposes what I strive to search for at all times when executing creative writing is/are ‘common constants’ that exist for a more complete whole unification that bridges all the human possibilities’ together and not leave them in separate groups (or) segregated with name branding.