The Beauty Which Is “Celluloid Dreams”

Celluloid Dreams
Celluloid Dreams


Monteque Pope Le Beau


Words and actions can cut like a knife.. A simple look.. The rolling of the eyes or the tilting of the head can say so much, but what is louder than any hurtful words is emotional absence.

Film is a time capsule for the precious moments of our lives, and yet it can capture some of the most painful and unbearable experiences which are of our making.

In the short film “Celluloid Dreams” Robert Thompson (Greg Lucey) a older gentlemen, wakes from his sleep in a state of despair. When he goes to the shed and repairs his movie projector; he soon starts to relive the memories of his past through his home movies. As he sees himself as a young man (Stephen Colletti) and the love of his life… Deanna (Crystal Mantecon) what seems impossible soon becomes possible.  While the home movie opens  a portal allowing Robert  to try to rectify the mistakes of the past.

“Celluloid Dreams” is a superb piece of art. Which is masterfully done. It is a film that transcends all thought, words and actions and touches the heart, while it leaves one breathless and wanting more.

“Celluloid Dreams” also won the Grand Jury award at Dances With Films. It was Director Jonathan Dillon’s fourth time taking home  a prize from Dances With Films for projects he has directed, which shows this young director has great creative genius.

 “Celluloid Dreams” is a joy to watch and very thought provoking.

“Celluloid Dreams” had its  exclusive  online premiere on a top tier site that features only the best of the best short films.

Celluloid Dreams   11 min

Project Your Past

Director: Jonathan Dylan


CELLULOID DREAMS Teaser from Jonathan Dillon on Vimeo.

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