By Saga Elmotaseb

What is going on with the world today? Why are we not taking better care of our planet? Do we not see and hear and read the catastrophes of climate change and the worsening effects it’s having on our planet? Acclaimed and Oscar® Nominated director Josh Fox (GASLAND) takes us on a world wide journey where he personally injects himself into regions of the world that are suffering from the ramifications of what some people may say, is the single most deadly killer of our planet; climate change.

What is climate change? I really didn’t know the meaning so I looked it up on Nasas website. Here’s what I found; Climate change is Sea Levels rising. Global temperatures rising. Warming oceans. Shrinking ice sheets. Declining of Artic sea ice. Glacial retreats. Extreme events. Oceanic acidification. Decreased snow covers.


So our world is deteriorating by the day and we’re just sitting here doing not a whole lot about?

I felt sick to my stomach.

Disgusted to be human being, the supposed higher intelligent species right?


Thankfully, Josh has brought his passion and love of our planet into a film that introduced visionary spectacles of a topic that is gaining track with people form all over the world. It was so beautifully shot and edited and his voice that narrates the entire film, was soothing and calming my now disturbed state of mind. I kept reminding myself that this was a documentary with a strong purpose and had to be seen.

When the movie starts, we see Josh, candidly dancing in front of the camera. All alone, strutting his moves before the audience only to wonder, why is this guy dancing alone in front of the camera without any shoes on? Oh and why is there a cat peeking into the camera? I felt it was his way of keeping the song of hope alive and to allow us to realize that no matter how sever or devastating the circumstances appear, there is always hope, there is always light, there is still a chance.

I loved the underlining message of this film. It hit so close to my heart and opened my closed-tight eyes to something that I knew was there but didn’t really want to see.
The images of the world polluted with yucky infused air, animals becoming extinct by the day-which broke my heart and yet moved me to get into action, left me feeling that we can make a difference. This movie was filled with purpose and love, always love.

The amount of purpose and love that Josh has for the world transcended in every shot, and not just because he operated the camera but because he was sharing this artistic voice. He told his story about what happens to the planet when we don’t pay attention and take action to protect our natural resources and all the inhabitants of earth. That’s us!

With politicians all to clever about sweeping messy matters under the rug concerning climate control, this film puts a microscope over issues that affect us and if not directly today, then the future of our world; the children. What are we leaving behind?I loved the question that this films asks which coincidentally is included in the very long title, What is it that climate change can’t destroy? Well, it can’t destroy action. It can’t destroy awareness. It can’t destroy hope and it sure as heck can’t destroy Love.

There was an impressive star-studded guest list that attended. All who represent the want for change regarding climate change. Ed Begley Jr., Frances Fisher (TITANTIC) and Shailene Woodley (DIVERGENT). What a pleasure to see all these people come out and speak for a cause that they truly care about and want to help spread the word about taking the right steps to better serve our planet. I felt proud to see the authenticity of these people in the Q&A and how they are doing something about it today and using their notoriety to help make the world a better place.

I couldn’t wait to share my viewing experience of this movie and ask others if they knew about climate change. This film provoked the type of conversation that I feel Josh would be proud of. Talking and sharing and inevitably doing is what the power of film entails. How thrilling it is to be part of an artistic industry where people who have deeper meanings in their work get to share it globally and impact in such a positive way. I’m impressed with HBO Documentary for distributing this glorious piece of art and releasing for all to see and learn from. Hopefully change for the better is on the horizon. If not for us now, then for the future, our children.

HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and  the 2016 LA film Festival.

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