Film Review Of Director Li Lu Complex Meditation Which is “There Is a New World Somewhere”



By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Director Li Lu delivers a Tour de Force in her debut feature film “There Is a New World Somewhere” Director Li Lu masterfully crafts a story about the growing pains of life. “There Is a New World Somewhere” is a film which shows the journey we take in life is not as cut and dry as we might think. The life that we want and think that we should have is not always the life that we get; how we deal with this revelation and disappointment not only defines who we are, but also who we shall become. In a time when we are talking about the lack of recognition for and having so few  women filmmakers, Director Li Lu is a majestic light of change. Her ability to use film to paint a beautiful moving painting is both profound and bold. Director Li Lu is a storyteller of the highest order.

In the film “There Is a New World Somewhere” Sylvia (Agnes Bruckner) moved to New York City propelled by her ambitions as an artist. After a tumultuous struggle to find work and inspiration in the big city, she loses all traction when she is abruptly fired from her job. Soon after, Sylvia returns to her hometown of Austin, TX to attend a friend’s wedding. In Austin, Sylvia is comforted as she reconnects with old friends. On the night of her arrival, Sylvia meets Esteban (Maurice Compte), an electrifying stranger. Charming and vivacious, he reveals his adventurous,unorthodox life. He is about to embark on a road trip, and dares her to leave with him. Eager for a careless adventure, Sylvia agrees. On the morning of the wedding, they speed off toward the jewel cities of the Deep South. As the road grows long and Esteban’s mysterious past comes into light, Sylvia must face the ultimate challenge – to find the strength to light for her place in the world and stand tall.

This wonderful film gets to the heart of how young people deal with the internal failures of life. “There Is a New World Somewhere” is a wonderful symphony of emotions and actions. Actress Agnes Bruckner gives a wonderful performance as a young woman seeking direction and her purpose in life. While actor Maurice Compte performance as the carefree rebel is both compelling and heartbreaking. Just as Beethoven composed the beautiful and emotionally infused piece that would become the 9th Symphony, Director Li Lu has also composed a beautifully complex and emotionally infused film.

 “There Is a New World Somewhere” had it’s VOD release on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd  and  it’s theatrical release is now though  Aug. 31st.

There Is a New World Somewhere 1h 42min

Director: Li Lu
Writer: Li Lu

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