A Review of 2016 LA Film Festival Film “Little Hero”



By:  Erica Summers

Because He Is Awesome

  “Little  Hero” will have it’s  Los Angeles premiere at 2016 LA Film Festival on June 6th. “Little  Hero” is a  short documentary film  which is touching and deeply emotionally engaging.  This film takes it deeply personal and reflective look at how six year old twins Avery and Xande  perceives the world around them. Avery explains their unique and beautiful relationship from her perspective.

“LITTLE HERO” is a documentary that centers on the relationship between six year old twins Avery and Xander. At 18 months of age, Xander began to display typical signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. However Avery does not view her brother as a special child, instead seeing him as a superhero. She believes he has “superpowers” and is very good at “helping people.” In the film, written, co-directed and co-produced by the twins’ mom, Jennifer Medvin, along with Marcus A. McDougald.  Little Hero received the Special Jury Award for Documentary Short from the  2015 New Orleans Film Festival!

Little  Hero is a beautifully done love letter that touches both the heart and soul.

Little Hero 10 mins

Directed by : Marcus A. McDougald & Jennifer Medvin

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