A Review Of The 2016 Dance With Film “Killer Friends”

KILLER_FRIENDS_VideoCapture1_TOWERS_©TOWERS_WEB  By:  Erica Summers


Have you ever want to do away with one of your friends. We are not talking about the friend that is constantly there for you when you’re in need or the friend that makes you cookies when you’re not feeling well. Or the friend that always has the right thing to say to lift your spirits; no, we are talking about the friend who always opens their mouth at the wrong time. You know the one we’re talking about, the one that says the most insulting and outrageous things that you can’t believe that you were friends with. Yes that friend! The one that sticks on you like white on rice and you can’t get rid of.  Well  writer and director  Zach Noe Towers’s wonderfully fun film  “Killer Friends” is for you.

“Killer Friends” is a satirical take on friendship and murder which premiered in the filmmaker’s hometown at the St. Louis International Film Festival and will screen at The 2016 Dances With Film Festival on June 8th. https://danceswithfilms.com/killer-friends/  It tells the story of Scott, a very rude, crude, and extremely annoying friend. His roommates have decided to take him on a camping trip. A trip Scott won’t be coming back from alive. What else are Killer Friends for?

If you’re having that kind of day just need to laugh Killer Friends Will have a few bursting at the seams and acting in your day will seem much brighter. Especially knowing that you are not in the same position as Scott.

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