A Review Of The 2016 Dance With Film “Breaking Legs” Finding The Strength To Follow One’s Dreams

Still-TV bloom
Bloom (Liv Southard)

By: Austin Winter- Chase

We all have gone through the awkward and frustrating situation of having to move to a new town, start anew in a strange new house, meet new friends and go to a new school. For some this process was not as traumatic as it was for others. Simply put if you were one of the popular people then you were in. For those who did not get the keys to the kingdom life could be downright horrible. Dealing with the high school class system and hierarchy. Everyday was one to dread. Even though those high school years are light years away for most of us; the memories still remain strong, powerful and sometimes very painful. Writer/Director Mark Marchillo’s film “Breaking Legs” which was shot on 16mm film has captured the essence of what it is like being a frustrated, helpless teenager who dreams of more.

After the death of her mother, high school freshman Bloom moves in with her hapless uncle (Mark Marchillo) and grandma (Lee Meriwether). With little support and encouragement at her disposal, she struggles to find her footing while adjusting to small town life. A dancer by nature, Bloom (Liv Southard) is determined to find an outlet for her despair, but there’s nowhere to dance in this backwoods town – except the school dance team! Just as she’s trying to fit in, the boyfriend of the team’s captain falls for her, catapulting Bloom into the spotlight against her soon-to-be arch nemesis. Bloom will have to fight to win her place, not only on the team, but with her new family, even if she has to “break a leg.”

In this modern day “Footloose” meets “Mean Girls” film Writer/Director Mark Marchillo with compassion, humor, and determination shows the unforgiving world a teenager has to navigate through whether they want to or not. This world is made up of family, friends,the popular kids and the bullies; along with those awkward feelings and emotions they are  going through. “Breaking Legs” is a sweet and charming coming of age film which at times can be bittersweet bringing up those emotions that we all know to well.  The triumph Of “Breaking Legs” is its positive message of never giving and following your dreams no matter what. There is also a very simple message to this wonderful story which is to always be true to who you are and never allow anyone to change you. This is a must-see film for all ages. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, But most importantly it will make you feel good. “Breaking Legs” had its World Premiere at the  2016 PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and it will screen At the 2016 Dances With Film Festival on Friday June 3.

“Breaking Legs” 1h:38:min

Director: Mark Marchillo


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